Biomechanical Aspects of Throwing a Frisbee: A Review

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The flying disc, more commonly known as the Frisbee(TM), has been used as a sports instrument more and more all over the world throughout the past few years. Disc sports in all its facets is a fast growing sport. […] [M]illions of people fascinated by the unusual throwing characteristics of a Frisbee(TM) [..], people are trying to use the special characteristics of disc trajectories. […] In Ultimate Frisbee athletes need to execute their throwing routine so precisely that a running teammate can catch it easily in spite of being followed by an opponent player within one metre distance. In every discipline, there are highly experienced throwers all over the world. Every one of them has optimized his own moving programme by throwing the disc thousands of times. Therefore, this thesis will try to summarize the recent science about the biomechanical aspects of throwing a Frisbee(TM).